There is a natural separation that occurs the first time your child goes into child care and you leave them for the day. When it first happens, it can be highly distressing for both you and your child. There’s a natural, strong and secure attachment that is the very foundation of your child’s well-being, and your presence is important to your child – especially in new situations. They look to you as a familiar and comfortable person who makes them feel safe.

We make sure to manage any distress that children have about separation and work with you to ensure that everyone’s experience at York Street is a positive one. We encourage you to share your ideas about what may help your child to feel more comfortable, and we can arrange for a settling in period where you and your child can gradually decrease the amount of time you spend saying goodbye. A positive separation is a very important part of child care and your child’s development and can contribute to their resilience, independence and sense of agency.

Here are some tips to make leaving child care that little bit easier:

  1. Start to discuss the transition by talking to your child about where different people go during the day and why they go there.
  2. Talk about the sorts of things your child will see and do at child care.
  3. Visit the childcare. At York Street we welcome you to come along for a short period of time where your child can get used to the environment.
  4. Use a transitioning object like a blanket, a toy or a book that the child loves. You might like to take something along to show the child care educators; because this can focus your child on something positive and can be a tool to decrease anxiety at the time of separation.

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