Our learning and play programs are engaging, fun, robust and designed to meet the developmental needs of the children we care for at our child care Indooroopilly centre.

We work hard to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where your child feels secure to explore new skills and make new friends, and where you feel supported in their care and growth. Every child that we care for here at York Street Early Education is treated with dignity, care and respect. We are proud of the opportunities we deliver at our Indooroopilly child care centre.

Independent Early Education Centre Indooroopilly

As an independent child care centre, we do have some freedom when it comes to the curriculum that we offer. While adhering to government guidelines for care, we do have flexibility. So, if your child has certain developmental needs, let us know – we can discuss their care and program.

You can read more about our centre goals, including our philosophy here.

We currently have limited vacancies and are accepting enquiries. If you would like to find out more or would like to book in to visit our child care Indooroopilly centre, please get in touch. We would love to meet you and your family.

Programs for Babies Through to Kindergarten

At York Street Early Education, we have two rooms starting from babies of six weeks of age through to our Government-approved Kindergarten program. We encourage and promote the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). This framework allows children to learn through play and enhances all areas of their development.

Child-focused learning at our early education centre in Indooroopilly

By promoting your child’s interests and encouraging them to explore these, we find they naturally learn at a pace that is comfortable for them. Your child experiences the greatest rate of development as they move through their early years, with the first five years of life critical for brain development. We understand this, and we promote a learning and play environment where your child is encouraged to explore, experiment and to take safe risks, and where they can build their motor and cognitive skills.

Social skill growth and development

At York Street Early Education Centre Indooroopilly, we also know that a social environment is important for robust and confident children. So, we offer an environment where your child can strengthen their individual social, emotional, intellectual, physical and creative skills; and where their group interaction skills are improved through play.

Quality early learning child care for every child

Our Early Childhood professional staff are committed to providing the highest quality care and helping children to develop good habits and attitudes, and we welcome all children regardless of cultural background, religion, or developmental needs.

We provide top quality early learning child care services to children from the suburbs of Indooroopilly, Taringa, and St Lucia.

Our Child Care Indooroopilly Facilities

Our lovely child care centre has plenty of comfortable spaces for your child to play, whether it’s drawing quietly, tactile spaces where they are encouraged to play using imagination, and plenty of outdoor space for active running around.

We have two air-conditioned classrooms which are flooded with natural light and which are decked in bright colours. It’s a welcoming and exciting environment for your child to come to. We are well resourced and offer a lot of options for your child no matter their interests. We have a strong focus on safety and are committed to every child’s enjoyment and learning.

If you’d like to see our grounds and classroom, please look at our photo gallery.

Stay Up to Date with Kindyhub

We always want to keep parents up to date and informed about what we do, which is why we give all our parents access to Kindyhub. Kindyhub is a handy phone app where you will receive emails from us about important events, and get updates on your child’s progress and achievements. Through Kindyhub, you can also see photos of your child while they’re having fun and spending time in our centre. You can even get in touch with us quickly by sending us messages through this app.